TypeScript beginners guide

02 October, 2015.

TypeScript is a tool that enables you to write better JavaScript. You may have heard that TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript, but what does that mean? TypeScript is JavaScript. If you know JavaScript already, then you already know JavaScript. You can convert an existing JavaScript file to TypeScript simply by changing the file extension. TypeScript has a very low barrier to entry (you can easily write it using Notepad) and has a small learning curve.TypeScript has a transpiler, called tsc…

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Writing AngularJS 1.x with TypeScript

24 September, 2015.

AngularJS 1.x is a front end JavaScript framework that has gained huge traction and popularity in the development community. AngularJS greatly simplifies previously hard tasks like two-way data binding, templating, the MVC design pattern, despendency injection and more. Using TypeScript, we can create more robust and scalable AngularJS code to deliver the ultimate user experience whilst avoiding the traditional spaghetti code nightmare that JavaScript applications can often descend into…

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Using ES6 features with TypeScript

18 September, 2015.

TypeScript is a transpilerThe TypeScript compiler converts your code from TypeScript, which is a subset of JavaScript, to TypeScript.Compiler vs. TranspilerThere is some confusion about the difference between a compiler and a transpiler. A compiler takes your code and turns it into something very different, a whole new language. A good example is with a high level language such as C# or Visual Basic. When you write code and build it, the compiler (either csc.exe C# compiler or vbc.exe Visual…

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Getting started with TypeScript

11 September, 2015.

This is the 101 tutorial which describes getting started with TypeScript using either the TypeScript Playground, Node.js or VS Code. At its simplest, TypeScript is a programming language that provides optional static typing for JavaScript. TypeScript is JavaScript. Any valid JavaScript is valid TypeScript. The beauty of TypeScript is that you can define types for your JavaScript variables and functions, and get compile time error checking and error reporting. This tutorial focuses on getting…

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Devs, this is how I got fit

04 September, 2015.

Right now, I’m in pretty good shape. I have the confidence to say this because I’ve worked very hard over the last 18 months to get to this point. I’m not a muscular person, like what you might see in a designer underwear advert…and this was never my personal goal, but I certainly don’t feel embarrassed anymore when I take my shirt off. I’ve discovered a few very simple patterns for losing weight, gaining muscle (at a slow rate) and generally feeling better about myself. This has been such a big…

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TypeScript Tips and Tricks

28 August, 2015.

Automatically compile TypeScript files when using VS CodeIf you’re writing TypeScript using Visual Studio, your files are automatically compiled when you save (assuming you haven’t turned this off…the feature is found in the Project Properties > TypeScript Build screen). If you don’t use Visual Studio, and instead are using a lightweight IDE such as VS Code or Sublime Text, you don’t get this feature.Manual compilationFirst things first, how would you normally compile a TypeScript file to…

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ASP .NET 5 (vNext), first thoughts

21 August, 2015.

Microsoft ASP .NET 5 is a major shift from traditional ASP .NET methodologies. Whilst I am not actively developing ASP .NET 5 applications at the minute, .NET has always been my bread and butter technology. When I look at industry trends here in the UK, all I see is .NET .NET .NET, therefore it is important to have one eye on the future. I’ve watched all the introduction videos on the ASP .NET website, but I also wanted to take a look at what ASP .NET 5 means to me.This is not meant to be a…

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Using Gulp-SASS with VS Code task runner

07 August, 2015.

With the task runner built in to VS Code, you can set up Gulp to automatically compile your SASS files to CSS with a simple key press.VS Code task runner prerequisitesTo be able to get this working, you need the following prerequisitesWindows, Linux or MacVS CodeNode.js and NPMGulp.jsTo install Gulp run the following command;orTo install into your development environment. I’d generally recommend installing gulp globally as you will likely be using it a lot.You will probably want to install gulp…

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Why Visual Studio 2015 has changed my life

24 July, 2015.

I’ve been using Visual Studio on an almost daily basis since 2002. Before that, my development tool of choice was Visual Basic 6 (Visual Studio 6). The shift between those two versions felt like using a whole new product at the time. Since then, changes to Visual Studio have been incremental. Microsoft have released a new version every 2-3 years. Visual Studio 2015, however, feels like another significant paradigm shift. The point of this post is not to outline all the shiny new features, there…

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