How to invest in the FTSE 100

06 April, 2019.

Deciding which FTSE 100 stocks to invest in is a contentious topic. Many investors think short-term, and have unrealistic expectations of what level of return to expect from an investment in a FTSE 100 company. Choosing which stocks to invest in is a remarkably simple process, and done well can result in a reasonable level of wealth accumulation over time. What investing in the stock market is not Stock market investing, despite what popular investment websites might tell you, is not exciting…

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How to get your clients to pay their invoices

12 March, 2019.

Software developers today are utilising their free time to earn extra income on the side, commonly referred to as a side hustle. Also, especially here in the UK, developers are setting themselves up as Limited companies and billing their clients through invoicing, instead of working as a permanent employee. Either way, essentially, you and your business become a third party. Third parties provide services in the same way a plumber, builder or any other trade would provide services to businesses…

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