Why Visual Studio 2015 has changed my life

24 July, 2015.

I’ve been using Visual Studio on an almost daily basis since 2002. Before that, my development tool of choice was Visual Basic 6 (Visual Studio 6). The shift between those two versions felt like using a whole new product at the time. Since then, changes to Visual Studio have been incremental. Microsoft have released a new version every 2-3 years. Visual Studio 2015, however, feels like another significant paradigm shift. The point of this post is not to outline all the shiny new features, there…

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Publish your website to an IIS staging environment using Microsoft Web Deploy

08 February, 2014.

One of the simplest and quickest ways to publish your website to a staging environment is, at least in my opinion, using Microsoft Web Deploy. This post is about how you approach this, a future article will discuss why you probably shouldn’t do this. Key points; The remote server should be running Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 or later. You can use the Microsoft Web Platform Installer to install all the extra bits you need to make this work. You need to set appropriate permissions to…

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Redefine where NuGet packages get installed

31 July, 2013.

If, like me, you are working on multiple projects that reference the same packages (StructureMap is a great example) you may have noticed that each project has its own version of each package. In this bite sized post, we will look at how to redefine where your packages get installed. Root source control folder Here was my root source control folder before making any changes. When I dive into each folder, I see a packages folder, which contains each of my packages. Generally I use the same…

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Making NuGet work for your company

19 July, 2013.

NuGet is a package manager tool for the .NET Framework. NuGet is free, open source, and is supported by Microsoft Visual Studio, as well as several other environments. NuGet allows you to add packages to your projects, either from the public package gallery or from your own private package gallery. The latter is, in my opinion at least, somewhat under-utilised and misunderstood in the business world. This post aims to try to shed some light on how NuGet can work for your company. Public Gallery…

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